My absolute fave dish to order when I’m having a Chinese is Lemon Chicken. I could literally eat it every day if it wasn’t for the calories. I put together a healthy version and it’s so good I ate most of it before I even plated it up. It’s also great because you can cook it all in the same pan (less washing up).  You can now find my recipes on Yummly. You can use the YUM button at the bottom of my posts to save my recipes to your personal

Nothing beats a classic Carrot Cake. This one is beautifully moist and has Cinnamon and Ginger flavours. I have very slightly adapted this recipe from Mary Berry. I also do not have the time or patience to be making my own cream cheese icing so I had my good friend Betty Crocker help me make a batch. If you would rather make your own (I applaud you), I have left the recipe for Cream Cheese Icing below.    Ingredients Sunflower Oil (250ml) Eggs (4, Large) Light Muscovado Sugar (225g) Carrots

I’ve tried a lot of different recipes for mug cakes which have left me feeling disappointed because they are either too spongey or too dry. Microwavable cake doesn’t sound appealing but I swear this recipe is about to change your life. The cake takes five minutes from start to finish, you can enjoy it hot or cold (I would recommend hot) and you can add your own toppings and fillings. I have made two as an example, one with Nutella and one with Peanut Butter. Both with chocolate chips.  If you’re not

I woke up yesterday morning and I literally felt like I couldn’t face another day on my diet. Actually I feel like this everyday but yesterday was difficult. So against my better judgement, I decided to trade in the gym for a trip to Tesco where I proceeded to buy copious amounts of chocolate, peanut butter cups and cake. I also made these burgers which were pretty amazing. Minted lamb, caramelised onions, ciabatta rolls… DELICIOUS. I felt like a beached whale afterwards (I ate both of the burgers) but I had

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